top content writing websites and earn money by selling article

top content writing websites and earn money by selling article

At present, a lot of money is going to be earned by writing articles online and this article is selling well from various websites. Today I will discuss two content writing websites and from where a good amount of money can be earned just by writing articles.If you can write a good amount of unique articles and spend your talent on these two sites then these two sites are for you at the moment. From here you can take payment on PayPal and there is no hassle in the payment system.I will discuss two sites for you on how to write unique articles and have good reviews about the site online.

What is Article Writing:

An important aspect of off page optimization is article writing. Because, how much popularity your site will get in the online world will depend on the article writing of your site. There are many things you need to focus on in order to write an article. The importance of article writing as a successful SEO expert is immense.

In addition, article writing is a medium through which there is a huge potential for online career building.

Those who have vast proficiency in English can easily establish themselves as writers. In addition to blog articles, writers are required to write articles for product reviews, service sales pages, resource books for business organizations, leaflets or other promotional work.

How to write a quality article:

Although the word article writing is short, it has many meanings. For article writing, you have to focus on many things. Its importance as a successful SEO expert is immense.

That is, you need to have a good idea of ​​what you are writing about. And what you want to present should be presented in a simple, easy-to-understand language. If necessary, you can do research on the subject. So that there is no problem in writing your article.

There are many people who take the help of various software to spin the article in the case of writing an article, writing an article with software does not mean the meaning of the article. However, those who use these software should take care of the quality of the article after spinning the article so that the quality of the writing is not disturbed. However, I do not support spinning the article because it will reduce your popularity.

So to be a good and successful SEO expert, you must have special knowledge about article writing.


This site is a popular medium for those who want to earn income by writing articles. From this site, you can withdraw payments through PayPal and they don’t have to worry about payments. A good amount of money can be earned from this site if you work patiently. There is no free registration on this site and opening an account is very easy and hassle-free. You can write articles on many topics and make money.


This is another magnificent article writing website for talented users in the world . This site will pay money via Paypal account. There is no hassle in this way. This site is very helpful for article writers in the world for selling articles .if you sell an article on this site , The site owner will check your content with three days.

unique article re-writer tools:





So if you want to be a good writer you have to earn a good amount of money online then you can be successful in this case. The two Sides mentioned above are very important in the field of article writing and in the current world and sell content a large number of in this sites.

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