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The title seems to have gone a bit wrong. Because, at present, Google AdSense has the sole dominance in the world of thematic advertising on the website. In other words, when it comes to web advertising, AdSense is everyone’s first choice. Google did not get this dominance, it has gained it. People tend to turn to AdSense because of the hassle of money transactions, support forums, high-income opportunities and the ability to display ads on all approved websites with one account. But getting approved on AdSense is not easy. Google AdSense accounts and websites are approved only after considering various aspects. Apart from that, there are more obstacles in South Asian countries including Bangladesh. All in all, getting AdSense approved for a new website has become a dream come true.very hot publishers.

At present, many people are taking money as their main occupation by displaying advertisements on their own websites or blogs. Again, many are taking it as a part-time job. In this case, the main issue is the number of visitors, which means how many people are visiting your website. The more visitors to your website, the higher the revenue. And in order to increase the number of website visits, people will get more benefits if they create an informative website on the topics that they repeatedly search for in search engines.handsome publishers.

For those who are still wondering what is thematic or contextual advertising, let me tell you, relevant advertising is thematic advertising depending on the content of your blog or website, i.e. the content of the text and image. The biggest advantage of this is that the website user sees ads that are consistent with your site. As a result, the clickthrough rate on the ad increases, which means that your revenue from the ad will increase. As an ad network, first, try to get approval in Google AdSense. Of course, it is better to get approval from AdSense. But if you do not get approval, then it would be right to sit quietly?nice publishers.

There are many more ad networks like AdSense, through which you can use your website’s visit rate to earn regular money. However, there are some precautions to take when choosing an ad network. In particular, you need to find out what kind of ads they are displaying, what is the principle of their service, the means of raising money and the minimum amount of withdrawal, whether there is any kind of cost, what kind of ads are displayed for the visitors of any region, etc. Here are some reliable ad networks. There are more networks besides these.

best publishers adnetwork
best blogger adnetwork

The ad network is run by, a joint venture between the two search engines Yahoo and Bing. Where Yahoo and Bing are jointly providing ads, you don’t have to worry about the features of the ads. They approve of any active website, small or large, even with low traffic. You can choose the ads you need from different sizes and themes. At the same time a personal representative will be introduced for you, you will get help from him in any need. You can withdraw a minimum of  100 via PayPal or check. Address: publishers.

This site is one of the oldest sites in the world today as an ad network. It’s hard to get approval on this site. It works almost as well as Google Adsense as an ad network. In order to be approved by this site, your website must have English content and the articles must be one hundred percent unique and have regular visitors to important countries like USA Canada UK, etc.


One of the most popular networks in the world today is this site. In many cases it plays a more effective role than AdSense and the popunder ads of this site are very important. Approval on this site is very easy and the payment rate on this site is very good but if you want to withdraw money from this site you need to verify your ID card and verify the payment details and it is also very easy. The admin of this site provides 24 hours service and it is very helpful to get all the information about Inside from them. The world’s largest CPA networks show ads on this site, so working on this site is very fun and the payment processor is very good.This site is a CPM based network and its CPM rate is much better than other websites.registration process is super easy and free way.

As a blogger, the biggest thing is “finding a good and trustworthy ad network”. In this case, we only know networks like Google adsense and as the best and most trusted.

However, you can use propeller ads but google adsense as a good option. If your blog has been rejected by AdSense, it’s best not to wait any longer.

Through propeller ads you can earn money by showing different types of ads on the blog. E.g.,


Native direct ads

Dialog ads

Banner advertising

Push notification ads

So, through different types of different ads, you can earn a good amount.

Here, the minimum payment amount was ২৫ 25, although it has now been reduced to ড 5. You can withdraw the amount earned through Skrill, ePayments, PayPal and Payoneer.

Moreover, if you want to transfer the earned money directly to your bank account, then that is also possible. However, in case of Bank wire transfer, you have to have 550 dollars in the propeller ads account.


This site is the best CPM rate ad network in the world today and the payment system on this site is very good.It is very difficult to get your approval on this site and daily you have to pay 5000 visitors to get approval on this site.Here you will get 4usd at 1000 impressions.



this site is also very popular in the world today as an ad network popunder.Approval is easily available on this site and no specified amount of visitors is required.

It’s a very good payment. These are basically CPC based sites. This means that if their ad is shown on your site, you will not pay. They will pay for every click. And on their site you can sell the ad places of your site at the price you want. They pay at least 4 0.04 per click on a regular ad. The US, UK, Canada pay 0.20 per click per click. So you can basically put your ad on the site where you are more likely to read the click. I put it in the middle of the tune. Their 300×250 banner shows the most PTC site ads. So I created a pop up box. In this way, 1500 page views are clicked on my site every day. This means that from here I get an average of only 1500 page views above 2 $ per day. Click here to see a demo of my installed ad and click here to sign up.


Another great ad network I’ve seen. They basically pay well in both clicks and ad shows. It pays like Google Adsense and in some cases it pays more than AdSense. You can earn a lot of money with visitors. Their cpm rate is very good. For example, say 2000 visitors a day. If your impression is 6000 and if your CPM rate is 1 dollar then your income will be (6000/1000) x1 = 8 dollars. People like me who have chosen web blogging as a profession and an addiction, have spent a lot of money on your most sought after web site but are tired of following Google Adsense. Your income is now zero! Get rid of Google Adsense today. Another thing, they pay much better in referrals. If you can refer a good quality web site owner then there is no point. It pays a maximum of $ 100 per referral. My 1500 page view from their site comes to me like 2. This means that they are the best alternative to Adsense. Here are some of the differences between AdSense:

1. It takes many days to apply for an AdSense account, but the revenue hits in just 30 seconds.

2. AdSense can be banned at any time, but no revenue hits.

3. AdSense does not pay for unveiled visitors, but pays for revenue hits.

4. Adsense pays not only banks and checks, but also RevenueHits Bank, checks, PayPal.

5. Adsense is the best, but I think RevenueHits is the best.supper paying publishers.

. Adsense PIN verification is a hassle, but there is no hassle with RevenueHits verification.

. Adsense has trouble using other companies’ ads, but RevenueHits has no problem.

And there are three easy ways to get the payment, Payoneer, PayPal and bank check, you can take payment in PayPal or Pioneer only if it is at least $ 20 and you can take bank check if it is $ 500.

Click here to sign up or click the image below.


The Massachusetts-based ad network was founded in 2003. When it comes to displaying ads, they focus primarily on the user’s geographical location and the content of the website. Chitika PayPal displays click-based ads. In other words, if the visitor clicks on the ad, then you will get money. There is no money available just for showing ads. A minimum of ১০ 10 can be withdrawn through PayPal and a minimum of ৫০ 50 can be withdrawn by check. There are different sizes of advertisements for mobile phones, including the size of your choice. But there are complaints about Chitika that they only pay for visitors to the United States. Address: old publishers network.


In-text advertising. This means that there will be ads in the form of links based on the keywords of your website. If a visitor clicks on that link, the money will be credited to the web publisher’s account. Founded in 2007, the ad network now provides in-text, in-search, in-frame, and in-tag advertising services. Address: paying publishers in the world.


This is an advertisement platform but Google Adsense can be a good alternative for you. However, there are some minimum requirements. Your blog needs at least 50,000 visitors each month. Only then will they allow ads to show on your blog.premium publishers in the world.

Therefore, small publishers cannot register here. This platform is for blogs with good traffic and visitors.

Moreover, only blogs written in English can register here. This website will not be useful for Bangla cpm publishers.

Minimum payment is  50 and you can withdraw money through PayPal. You will be able to withdraw the earned money every 30 days. top publishers.

If your blog is not approved for monetization by Google Adsense, you can try Revcontent advertising platform.


This site is very good as a site ad network and their payment system is very nice.This site is a CPM based website and CPM rate is much better.This site has a lot of love systems, you will have a lot of fun working here and there is no problem with side approval, no rules, no frustration, no need to verify ID card.Earn money publishers  adnetwork in all publishers.


YLLIX.COM is another popular ad network site with a lot of visitors.High paying publishers adnetwork.

There are publishers. If you have a small blog, you can do so through this ad network

Hope you can monetize your website and earn good money./excelent publishers.

Monetize your website traffic with yX Media

Payment method:

 You can use PayPal account to make payments on this website. Here

They will pay you only one dollar to get the payment publishers.


Green-red is a Bangladeshi ad network. For those of us who are blogging in Bengali

The ad network here is very good if you and your Bengali website Google Adsense or

Cannot connect to other ad networks. Then you have your web site here

You can add. Here you can earn good money.publishers.

Payment method:

All you have to do is post 10 to 20 hours to add to your blog on this website. They

Your website will approve any of you to take payment on this website

You don’t have to worry. You pay through your bKash account or bank transfer.

You can take them here, if you have 1000 rupees, you can take your payment.

If you want to make money from your website, you must have good visitors

If you get it, you can earn a lot of money. Then friends, no more worries

. Do good deeds and earn good income.supper paying publishers adnetwork.publishers.

Our last word,

So friends, if you want to earn money by showing ads from blogs using any ad network other than Google Adsense, then the above ad networks are the best and the best. These ad network websites have proven to be the best alternatives to Google publishers adnetwork.

Now you can visit another publishers adnetwork .

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