ptc sites that pays handsome money

Number1PTC sites that pays handsome money

Hello everyone how are you.Today I will introduce you to a great PTC sites that can earn a good amount of income from the site.The site is new online.This site currently has good service and maney users gets a lot of money without hassle.So the people want to work in this site  start work quickly.Those who want to work on this site register quickly.

There are 3 ways to earn money from PTC site
Free Membership (Free Income)
Paid membership (investing money in the hope of earning more)
Referrals (shared with friends)

What is a PTC site?
PTC site means money if you click (Paid To Click). You visit many sites throughout the day, do you get something instead? Measure it is wrong to say “get something”, yes, get it, but do you get money? If not, the PTC sites will give you money. If you see the advertisement. Ptc site is one of the easy ways to earn money sitting at home. However, not all ptc sites pay money. All these sites are called scam sites. I will discuss some good sites later. PTC site earns visitors with other sites. For example, suppose I have a site, I need a visitor. I said with some money on the PTC site, send a visitor to my site, then the PTC sites will make you a visitor and send you to my site and will give you some money from my money. You could.

Some rules of income from PTC sites —-

Here are some rules to follow when working on a PTC site:
1) You cannot open more than 1 account on a computer. Otherwise it will close your account.
2) Patience and strong will.
3) Work routinely.
4) Perseverance.
5) At first the income will be less so do not leave the job.

**** Each PTC site offers 25/30 ads per day which cost 0.001 cents or 0.01 cents or 0.02 cents (সেন্ট 1.00 at 100 cents means ০০ 1.00 in Indian price =. 82.00). It will take 20 seconds. If you work at 6 sites then your daily income will be about 0.38 cents per PTC site 0.06 which means the Indian price is 22 rupees which will take 1 hour. What? I am surprised to think that I have already said so much for only 22 rupees 1) Patience and strong will 2) Working routinely 3) At first the income will be less so do not leave the job. Let’s talk a little bit–

So if you work at 6 sites every day for 10 days or more, after a few days you will be credited with 0.60 on each site. After that you will buy referrals at 0. 3 on each site with 0.60. These 3 referrals will work just like you every day. If they click on the ad at 4 o’clock then you will get income from them.
1) 3 x 4 x 0.005 = 0.08 cents 8 rupees per day.
2) If there are 100 referrals 100 x 4 x 0.005 = 2 dollars in 30 days (2 x 30 = 60 dollars) 3620 rupees
3) If there are 500 referrals then 500 x 4 x 0.005 = 10 dollars 10 x 30 = 300 dollars about 18000 rupees
** ** When you make a good income, you will be able to become a Golden Member, ptc sites will double your income.

I will teach you how to buy referrals and maintain them through free video tutorials / Facebook / blogs and Facebook groups. I promised I will always be with you whenever there is a problem. Contact me through Facebook / Blog and Facebook group. When you open an account, I will also help you to open an account. But whether you work or not, I will not take the responsibility of joining any site. I am doing it and many others are doing it, you can do it too. All the sites that I will talk about are trusted sites that have been making money for many years. So why are you so late about these trusted sites and start today.

supper paid to click earning ptc sites.More details bellow:

This is supper quility ads watching site in this world.So , Everyone can join this site  and earn a lot of money from this website.It has a great review about this site in online and has a good ptc sites payment proof .If you need payment proof please visite this site and look payment proof option and see recent date payment proof .This site gives you 0.02 cent  first  new users and has a great option  to earn a lot of money in this site.You can work survey,grid ,reffer anyone and paid to click ads.Registration is full free and quickly. click Sign Up button at the top side area, fill short form and submit that button . That’s all, you’re done and  you can now access main members panel area for login.


If you want ,you can invest and earn a lot of money in ptc sites area.There are many option for invest you can get huge money in this site to invest any amount.

refferal program:

you can make money in this site from refferal.


payment system for this ptc sites:

payeer,perfect money.faucetpay

If you need  earning money with file sharing website Please visite filesharing website




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