Prophet Adam

Prophet Adam

Prophet Adam

Prophet Adam


Allah Ta’a called the angels and said, “I want to create my representative on earth.” They said, “Will you create someone who will cause mischief and cause bloodshed?” But we are praising you and proclaiming holiness. He said, “You do not know what I know.” Allah Ta’ala created the Prophet Adam (peace be upon him) for a great purpose. The purpose is to worship Him and obey His commands, to issue His rules and regulations in the world. He mentions in the Holy Qur’an, “I have created the jinn and mankind for the purpose of my worship.” (Surah Jariyat: verse 58)

The first man on earth and the first prophet was the Prophet Adam (peace be upon him). Allah the Almighty made a shape of Adam’s body out of clay. Then he gave his life in that body. Allah taught Adam (peace be upon him) a lot of knowledge and because of this knowledge he declared him the best of all creatures. Then Allah said to the angels, “Prostrate yourselves in honor of Adam.” Everyone prostrated, but Iblis did not prostrate. He said, Adam is made of clay and I am made of fire. I am better than Adam. He was arrogant. GOD does not love the arrogant. So Iblis was cursed and turned into Satan.

Location in heaven
Allah Ta’ala (a) was allowed to stay in heaven. There he arranged a variety of food, fruits, comfort and joy. But Adam was alone. He did not like being alone. Then Allah Ta’ala created his companion. His name is Hawa (A).

Then Allah Ta’ala said, “Stay in heaven and eat and drink as you please.” Allah showed them a tree and said, “Do not go near that tree.” If you do not obey this command, you will suffer great loss.

Sent to the world
Because of not prostrating Adam (peace be upon him), Allah expelled Iblis from heaven. Iblis could not bear this happiness and peace of Adam. So he became Adam’s enemy. By many tricks he made Adam forget God’s command. At his persuasion, Adam (pbuh) and Eve (pbuh) went to the forbidden tree and ate the fruit. For this, Allah sent Adam (a) and Eve (a) down from heaven to earth.

God’s forgiveness
Adam (pbuh) and Eve (pbuh) cried a lot when they realized their mistake. Eventually, Allah Ta’ala forgave them and ordered them to live in peace and happiness on earth. At the same time, he said, if they live according to God’s command on earth, they will be allowed to live in heaven again after death.

Living on earth
Then Adam (pbuh) and Eve (pbuh) began to live on earth. Through them innumerable human beings were born. Gradually the world was filled with people. We are all their descendants. Our first father was Adam (peace be upon him) and our first mother was Eve (peace be upon her). Adam (pbuh) repented to Allah after making a mistake. If we also commit a crime, we will immediately seek forgiveness from Allah Ta’ala and repent. We will build our lives on his ideals.

Iblis has been deprived of the mercy of Allah Ta’ala due to his arrogance. He has fallen. He has been expelled from heaven. To be arrogant is a very despicable act. We will never be arrogant.



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