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Photoshop software is known to almost everyone. It is a popular photo editing software. Adobe Systems celebrated the silver jubilee of the software on February 19.On the occasion of the 25th anniversary, the creator of the Photoshop software, Thomas Knoll, has appealed to everyone for ethical use.”The word Photoshop has taken its place in English, and I’m proud of that,” said Thomas Knoll. When you watch TV or enjoy pictures, you use the word Photoshop as a verb. Adobe may not like to hear Photoshop as a verb because of its trademark, but whenever I hear it, I’m thrilled.Of course, there is a downside to Photoshop, and that is distorting the original image with Photoshop.adobe photoshop free download for windows 7 64-bit
Like other tools, Photoshop is a tool or software that can be misused. I am not very happy with many aspects of using Photoshop. Especially the different aspects of women’s body are changed with this software. I would be happy if Photoshop users refrained from distorting women’s bodies. Another thing I am concerned about is the unethical use of this software in the newspaper business to deceive people.Knoll added that there are many aspects of photography, where the same subject can be brought up in many creative and effective ways and beauty can be enhanced. This software can be misused, but can also be used very well. Itdepends on the individual’s own morality and the reflection of his moral will.History of PhotoshopThe first step in creating Photoshop was to arouse curiosity. U.S. engineer Thomas Knoll began creating Photoshop as a personal project. That was in 1967. Thomas Knoll got his brother John Knoll involved in the project right from the start of Photoshop. At that time the name of this project was Display. Then one by one many features were added to this project. They sold the software to Adobe in 1989. On February 19, 1990, Adobe released a photo editing software called Photoshop. At that time, however, digitizing pictures was not very easy. Although the image could be digitized, it was more difficult to find out. Knoll said the first print cost him two thousand dollars. Initially, the buyers of this software were graphics artists and newspaper professionals instead of photographers.adobe photoshop free download for windows 10

The story of the first photo edited in Photoshop
The picture is not such an ahamari. There is no way to understand that this could be a picture that shook the world. But this picture has made history. In 1986, engineer John Knoll took a topless photo of his girlfriend Jennifer (now wife) on Bora Bora Island. The two were working on Lucas Film’s special effects company Industrial Light and Magic project at the time. The two went on holiday while taking the picture.
Recalling the photo shoot, Jennifer said, “It was a really magical time for us then. Sometime after taking pictures that day, my husband even proposed marriage to me. Probably right after taking that picture. Surprisingly, Knoll named the film Jennifer in Paradise. ‘
But after taking the picture, Knoll got into trouble. While trying to digitize the film, he faced a technical problem. While editing the image on a Pixar image computer with the latest technology of the time, he found out about the complexity of the image processing software. He met his older brother, Thomas Knoll, at the time. At the time (198), Thomas was pursuing a doctorate in computer vision at the University of Michigan and was working on developing image processing software for Apple’s affordable Macintosh computer. He then encouraged Thomas to add photo editing features to the software.
Knoll said, ‘Initially it was a hobby, but later I started adding new features. Once you think about it, we can sell this software. But the problem is that digital pictures were inadequate at that time. So it was impossible to explain the craftsmanship of our software. Then a friend of mine was working in Apple’s Advanced Technology Group Lab. Back then flatbed scanners were a rare thing. Apple had a scanner in that lab. He used that. He had a picture of his wife, 6 inches by 4 inches, printed in his hand, and thus, thanks to Photoshop, Jennifer became the first color picture in Paradise. ‘adobe photoshop free download for windows 7 32  

Knoll said, ‘Jennifer’s picture was perfect to use as a demo. It was great to see that with this software you can do many things with pictures. In addition, the idea of ​​getting the perfect picture with Photoshop also came to mind. Then when Knoll visited an organization, he had to leave a package of software with Jennifer’s picture. When he returned, he found that the programmers had made another clone of his wife! ‘

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