Advantages and disadvantages of buying online

1 tips for online shopping Advantages and disadvantages

online shopping

With time and currents, technology continues to improve. Current technology is now richer, better. As a result, the day of Eid shopping is over by pushing the crowd.

Advantages and disadvantages of buying online
Advantages and disadvantages of buying online

At present, the welfare of the Internet is available at home. Get the product you like at home, just the way you like it. Just click the mouse and wait for the product to be ordered.

On the one hand, online shopping is benefiting the people, on the other hand, it is possible to ensure a career through business. In the meantime, some are opening a page or group on Facebook and doing business. Some are running a large business through their own website.

According to Bangladesh Association and Information Service (BASIS) data, the number of online shops in the country has now increased to more than 2,000 and the number of people shopping online is around 1 lakh. More than 200 million transactions are made every year in the country through the institutions.

However, there are a number of advantages to online shopping.

Benefits of online shopping:

The benefits of online shopping are not over. No need to set aside time for shopping. You can make purchases within 24 hours at any time. Be it midnight or early morning.

Sitting anywhere you can buy products at relatively low prices. Online shopping at various festivals sometimes offers discounts so that buyers are more inclined to buy. If you want, you can get accessories from different brands.You do not need to spend extra time here.

online shopping
online shopping

Difficulty and caution in online shopping:

There are some disadvantages behind each advantage. For example, there are some fake websites with brand names on the Internet, so as not to fall into the trap of them, order the products by checking the correct prices and websites.

The fastest ones who deliver the product will have to buy the product from them. There is no risk of paying the price when the product is available in the hands of paying the price. Several online shopping sites have been accused of selling counterfeit or duplicate products.

Needless to say, all these duplicate products can never be equivalent to the original product. In that case, before buying the product, it is better to visit different sites and buy the prices well.

that case, before buying the product, it is better to visit different sites and buy the prices well.

What to do to avoid online shopping fraud?

Online shopping is increasing day by day. Internet-based shopping has been added to the market as well as shopping. Everything is being traded here. Many people are being cheated in various ways while shopping online.
There are many online shopping pages on Facebook that try to attract people with various glamorous advertisements.
Some of these pages are found which sometimes show one type of product and deliver another type of product or inferior product. Again, there are some pages that do not deliver any product even after paying the advance price for the product order.
In this case, if you challenge them, they will block your number or account. Such pages usually deactivate the account within a few days of launching, stealing a large amount of money from a large number of people.
In this case, the advice of the police headquarters: Be careful when shopping from any online shop other than the well-known or well-established online shop. In this case, you can monitor their customer reviews well.
Inform the police without delay if you are a victim of fraud.

Online shopping addiction, survey says you suffer from mental illness

Online shopping is very popular among netizens. Many people like to shop online in the space of social media. Not only this, with the help of online shopping you can easily get your favorite things at home. As a result, most of the members of the net neighborhood are getting used to online shopping without wasting time in the crowd.

But the survey says otherwise. People who regularly shop online from various sites are not actually mentally healthy. Surveys say those online shoppers are actually mentally ill.

Researchers in the study referred to the mental state of these shoppers as ‘buying shopping disorder’. According to the researchers, a large portion of these online shoppers are addicted to shopping online every day.

People who shop online every day need healthy and proper treatment, according to a report by researchers published in a journal.

According to them, with the right treatment, the ‘buying shopping disorder’ of these shoppers can be greatly reduced. Not only that, but statistics show that five percent of the world’s population suffers from buying shopping disorders. Research is reporting such information.

The survey was conducted on 122 such online shoppers in Germany. Those who are addicted to daily online shopping.

Addiction therapist Pamela Roberts says regular online shopping is very harmful for shoppers. He further added that the ‘buying shopping disorder’ is more prevalent among people who suffer from loneliness. All of these shoppers are always busy shopping online for no reason to spend time like themselves or to refrain from any negative thoughts.

All these people shop online just to buy their necessities online and also to give gifts to someone else.

The survey further found that in order to alleviate mental fatigue, these shoppers scrolled through social media as well as browsing various sites and buying all the necessities of the bill payment family online. But to save all these shoppers from the addiction of online shopping, first of all, the cooperation of family and friends is needed. Proper treatment can get rid of this disease. Are you also a victim of this disease? Then of course change this habit little by little from today.

online shopping.
online shopping.

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