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Keyword research is the first and most important part of SEO for any blog site or website.

What every blogger needs to know otherwise he will never be able to rank his blog site in other search engines including Google.

If you are also a blogger and find answers to all these questions then I will help you in this article.

Today I will discuss with you here what is keyword? 

So this time we did not know every step by step.

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What are keywords?
Keywords are words or phrases that I, you and other people search for by typing in various search engines including Google to get any information.

This means that the words or sentences that we search for in order to get the answer or information of a question in search engines are called.

Many people also call it search term or SEO keyword.

What is keyword research?

This is the process of finding the keywords (or words and sentences) that different people use in search engines.

And all that is done is to optimize the content of a website or blog site by those search terms and rank it in search engines.

Why is it important to do keyword research?
1. First you can find out by doing keyword research what exactly different people are searching for in the search engine.

Because if you create content on a topic that no one searches, then visitors will not come to your site.

2. This will allow you to know the keyword difficulty. How easy or difficult it would be to rank with any keyword.

If you create content with a keyword that has a lot of competition, it will be very difficult to rank.

Also, if you write content with very few competitive keywords, you will not get enough or no traffic at all.

3. You can find out how many people are searching or doing a month by typing the monthly search volume of a keyword.

Through which you can understand how much traffic or visitors you will get per month if you can rank with this keyword.

4. Not only this, with the help of keyword research you can come up with more and more keyword ideas on which to create more new content.

That means you can find more new keywords and create new content from there.

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How to do keyword research?

You can do keyword research in a variety of ways, either manually or using a keyword research tool.

But whichever way you choose, there are some important steps that you must follow.

Here I will show you the process of keyword research using a combination of both manual and free keyword research tools.

Keyword research topics we will verify:

The keyword
Monthly search volume
Keyword difficulty
Keyword Competitiveness
CPC or Cost per click

So let’s not know how to do keyword research:

keywords for seo
keywords for seo

1. Google Keyword Planner

keywords for seo
Google Keyword Planner is a free keyword research tool from Google that you can use for keyword research.

Although it is for Google advertisers, you can find out the search volume, CPC and new keyword ideas through keyword research.

So let’s see how I can do keyword research using Google Keyword Planner.

Keyword research tool google keyword planner
Google Keyword Planner
First of all you have to go to Google and search for Google Keyword Planner and log in with your Google account.

After logging in, first there will be an option called “Discover new keywords” where you have to click.

Then you need to enter your main or focus keyword in the search bar and click “Get results”.

This will be followed by a search result for the keyword you provided, like the example shown in the photo above.

As I searched for “Make money” as a main or focus keyword in the photo above, for example.

And as a search result for that keyword, I know its monthly search volume is the lowest and highest CPC.

Not only this, with the help of this we will be able to know more new keyword ideas and their monthly search volume and CPCO.

You can also search for complete information or search results by targeting keywords by specific country, language and time.

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2. Ubersuggest

keywords for seo
Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest is another great free keyword research tool, but not completely free.

But with this tool you can do keyword analysis of any keyword in an accurate or proper way.

ubersuggest free keyword research tool
Ubersuggest Keyword research tool
As an example, I have already searched for “make money” as our main or focus keyword.

And then you can see in the photo above that Ubersuggest is showing the monthly search volume of that keyword.

It also shows the SEO difficulty and paid difficulty of the keyword so that you can understand that,

How easy or difficult it would be to rank with that keyword and what kind of competition there is when working with that keyword.

You can also know the CPC of a keyword. 

Not just if you scroll down a bit or go to the Keyword Idea option to search for keywords.

Then you will know more new keyword ideas and their search volume, CPC, keyword difficulty and competition.


3. Keyword Finder

keywords for seo
This keyword find for new keyword ideas, its search volume, CPC and monthly trends.

I personally use this tool especially to get new keyword ideas related to the main keyword.

You can also find out the search volume of keywords, ad CPC and annual trend volume.

Not only that, you can also filter keywords by CPC, monthly search volume, competition and negative keywords.

It is not a paid or semi-paid tool, it is a completely free keyword research tool.


4. Google Auto Suggestion

keywords for seo
Google Auto Suggestions
Google auto suggestion
Google Auto Suggestions is a great place to find new and especially long tail keywords.

When we search Google for a keyword or a word, Google already presents us with many questions or sentences related to that keyword.

And the keywords or sentences suggested by this automatic Google are all the keywords or questions that different people search for by typing in Google.

If you create your content using these keywords, you can easily drive traffic by targeting users who search for these specific keywords.

You can do better research with keyword ideas from Google Auto Suggestions through various keyword research tools.

Also, if you search for any keyword on Google, you will get more keyword ideas at the very end or bottom of the search results.

In addition to Google search engines, you can find new keywords, in the same way, using search engines like YouTube and Bing.

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Our last words:

So now you understand that keyword research is an important part of SEO that every blogger must know and do.

Finding the right keywords through keyword research and using it in content can target the right users and rank them in search engines.

Moreover, through keywords, various search engines can understand the purpose and content of our site and site content.

So friends, today we know what a keyword is and how to do keyword research.

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