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Hello Freelancer friends. I hope everyone is great at Allah’s mercy. So I brought a new freelancer site for freelancer brothers. Therefore, the site is a Bangladeshi site! So hopefully the site will be good. And those who are new can start from here. You can go to the advanced level with practice and those who are new freelancers may bid on a lot of projects. Can not! Or the days go by for months, no order at the gig. They can come here once.

Since the site is newly established, it is good to be fresh.

Let’s know some details of the site kajkey.com

The site started to serve them on December 27. According to one person, the owner of the site is known as Sabbir Ahmed. More than 2,000 works have been completed in a few days.

Now let’s get to work

Here you can participate in the site in two ways.

As an employer

  1. As a freelancer

Employer: Employer is the person who gives the job. That is, the worker who is looking for a job.

Freelancer: Freelancer is the person who works for the employer.

Like all other freelancing sites, a freelancer can add his skills or Skrill here. Like other sites, you can bid here. You can specify the amount of time required for the bid and the time you want to comment. Employers will be able to message you for a response to the bid. .

To accept your bid, you have to first deposit the amount you have specified in the bid. After you get the loan, the employer will clear your payment and the money will be returned to your account.

However, you will not be able to pay to withdraw as soon as possible. You will not be able to do anything unless it is available at the available balance. Then, according to the site’s authority, on the 7th it will be added to the available balance. You will receive your money within 5 days.

Site Features

  1. Mother tongue can establish communication in Banglai.

2.New all can easily work here.

  1. The risk of cheating is low or no.
  1. There are relatively easy jobs available so there is a chance to work.

Site Disadvantages of kajkey.com

  1. Service charge there.
  1. Until the employer employs you, you will not be able to match the employer.
  1. External transactions without websites are completely prohibited.

So today I am trying to comment on this new site. If you are a new freelancer, then I think Kajkey.com site will be Better. If you do not work, you will visit the site once. Until today. Thanks.


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