increase visitors to the new blog

Find out the top 10 ways to increase visitors to the new blog

increase visitors to the new blog:

increase visitors to the new blog
increase visitors to the new blog

It takes a fair amount of traffic for everyone’s site and if your website is new, it doesn’t matter. Generally, the purpose of our site is to run affiliate marketing or AdSense campaigns. And more or less we all have a major search engine to attract Google visitors. And for that purpose, we try to rank our site on a keyword and hope to get visitors from there. Today’s tips are for those who have developed their new website and are not getting their desired blog visitors. So let’s start without exaggeration.

The best way to increase blog visitors

1. Content is king: the word sounds very familiar to you, right?  When you join and blog, you always have to post quality articles.  And when writing an article, consider the keyword density and number of words in the article. Suppose your writing will be “how to improve your mountain biking skills”, so when writing about this topic try to give the maximum amount of information to your visitors. As much as possible, Azaira cannot twist, so don’t drag your item. And as you write the article, you will maintain the keyword density. For example, if you are writing a 600 word article, you will use your main keyword at least 3 times exactly, and you will use the phrase keyword 3 to 5 times.Here you can use the phrase “tips to improve your mountain biking skills” or “improve your mountain biking skills”. (I just gave the example).

If you can provide good quality content on the site, you will see that your blog will be indexed overnight and included in search engines and visitors will keep coming to the blog.

2. Submit your blog to search engines:

Yes, I heard that you will submit your website to multiple search engines. Because many times it seems that Google is not indexing your blog for some unknown reason, then if you do this your site will be indexed very quickly.

How to do? If you want to submit it to Google, go here, and if you want to send it to Bing, go here. You can also try it very directly.

3. Social Share:

Share your site on various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Whenever there is a new blog post, share it on your fan page and share your fan page in different groups. You will see that the number of visitors to your blog will increase.

4. Optimize the post title well:

Remember that when your post appears in a search engine or in front of a visitor, they will notice your post title first and if the title is not interesting then the visitor will not be interested in your post and visitors will not come to your blog.

5. Internal link to post:


When you add a new post to your blog, don’t forget to internal link so that your blog visitors stay for a long time. For example, your blog is related to “Weights” and you are posting there “10 ways to lose weight”. Now if there are any other posts of the same type on your blog, please link to them. Then your visitors will read that post and it will help reduce your blog bounce rate.


. 6.Write a meta description:

When writing a meta description for your site, make sure your keywords are there. In this way, search engines will give your post or site higher priority and you will be able to rank more easily than others.

Meta description

. 7.Creation of backlinks:


it can be of different types, such as blog comments, article marketing, etc. Here are the things to keep in mind when backlinking right now:

What authority site is the backlink from?
How about the index page?
What about domain and page authority?
What about site public relations or page public relations (PageRank)?
To follow or not to follow.
Most importantly, the backlink is related to your site. Example: Suppose your blog is related to meditation and you get related backlinks electronically. So if so, then there is no benefit to taking backlinks as well as you do or following all the above rules. You may be benefiting temporarily, but in the long run you will face many significant losses. Google Mama can give your blog a manual penalty for accepting irrelevant backlinks. So be careful when taking backlinks. Now is not the day you will move to rankings only for backlinks. And yes, you have to remember “Content is King”.
You can read this post to find out more about backlink (note that I have linked Formula No. 5 internally here) and it will try the same.

.8. Good SEO knowledge:


If you have a good SEO knowledge, you can do much better. There are many SEO tricks that you can use to attract a lot of visitors to your blog. E.g.,

Social media marketing.
Paid marketing.
YouTube Marketing.
Many more + many more.

9. Comment options:


Keep a comment option on your blog, but it should not be automatically approved. And those who make constructive comments on your post or ask any questions should give their opinion or answer. Remember that the more comments you have on your post, the more authority your blog will have on Google.

10. Blog design:


this is one of the most important aspects to increase or retain visitors to your blog. Your blog should be information-based and the design should be very simple. Use any other color with a white background. And when choosing a domain, try choosing Then you will get some additional benefits from search engines.

 To this day. We hope you find the article helpful. I’ll write about a new topic later InshaAllah.


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