give strength to Sehri

give strength to Sehri

give strength to Sehri

give strength to Sehri

Holy Ramadan is going to start again year after year. This time of Ramadan will not only be difficult due to the weather, but also the coronavirus situation. If you want to keep yourself healthy and strong from the first day of Ramadan, you have to emphasize on choosing the right food in Sehri food first of all. Since the main source of nutrition, energy and moisture for the whole day is obtained from Sehri food, it is important to know which foods to take at this time in today’s post.

Eggs are a rich source of protein. In addition to protein, it contains vitamins and other nutrients that make up the body’s energy supply throughout the day. For this reason, it is recommended to eat eggs for breakfast every morning. If you eat eggs during sehri instead of breakfast in Ramadan, you will not feel weak as a result of fasting.

The biggest benefit of a protein-rich diet is that it works to keep the body strong and provide energy throughout the day. Oats is a very good food from there. It provides healthy carbohydrates and proteins at the same time. Oats smoothies can be made with milk and bananas or mixed with milk, bananas and other fruits and nuts.

Televaja sarputi fish
Televaja sarputi fish
Oily fish is said to provide life-giving food. However, it is not possible to get much nutrition from fish fried in oil, so it is recommended not to fry the fish in oil before cooking. Also any food fried in oil increases thirst. On the other hand, chicken is incomparable for healthy protein. It is very good to be able to eat a small amount of chicken meat in Sehri for adequate amount of protein and other essential nutrients. Especially if you can make curry made by mixing chicken with vegetables, you will get the most benefits.

Fruits and vegetables
These two natural foods contain adequate amounts of vitamins and essential nutrients as well as water. Which largely meets the body’s water needs. Plenty of water can be obtained from oranges, grapes, pomegranates, mangoes, blackberries, watermelons and other seasonal fruits. On the other hand, all the easily available vegetables including spinach, cucumber, tomato, lettuce have water content. Which will work to keep the body safe from becoming dry. As a result, you will have the strength to work all day.

There is no substitute for nuts if you want to get enough nutrition and energy in small amounts. It will be possible to get the best results, especially in a mixture of milk with nuts, if there is no problem in consuming milk and dairy foods. Different types of mixed nuts provide fat, protein, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamin-E and magnesium.

Sehri is eaten in the morning, and the food for the whole day is provided from this food. So at this time the food can be eaten as per the doctor’s advice. However, if you can drink a glass of milk in Sehri, it will fill a large part of the protein throughout the day.

Don’t eat anything in Sehri
Caffeinated drinks
Refrain from drinking tea or coffee. Caffeine-rich drinks will increase your thirst and body temperature.

Avoid spices, soft drinks and smoking
Avoid salty foods. Avoid pickles, spicy foods, processed foods, heavy desserts, soft drinks, etc. Refrain from smoking.

Heavy and excessive food
In order to avoid hunger while fasting, many people eat a lot of heavy food in Sehri, which should never be done. Doing so will put extra pressure on your stomach, and may even cause digestive problems.

Avoid drinking too much water
You may be surprised to know that drinking too much water in Sehri can cause digestive problems. But it depends a lot on how much you are used to.

Salty foods
Avoid foods with excess salt. Because eating such food creates dehydration in the body.

Do not eat stale food
Never fast without eating. The next time you will suffer from malnutrition. Eating the same type of food can lead to boredom. Can change the cooking position. It would be nice to eat. However, do not eat stale food in any way.

It is better to stay away from tea and coffee
Refrain from drinking tea or coffee during sehri. These increase dehydration.

We also have to be careful in taking food in Iftar as well as Seheri.

In the end, it is expected that everyone will eat a balanced diet in moderation during Ramadan.


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