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 One of the things that everyone needs to pay special attention to today is online security and privacy. With the evolution of the Internet world, on the one hand, life is reaching its peak and on the other hand, our security is shrinking every day.

I hope you all know and understand how much a good VPN app can help you. One of the key ways to strengthen your online security is to use a VPN premium vpn for windows

free premium vpn

free premium vpn

Android is the most used mobile operating platform, where more than 100 crore users are active daily, it is known that there will be so many VPN apps in Google Play.

But it is not true that all VPN apps are good. Finding the best VPN in many VPN apps is a very complicated task.

To make your work easier and save time, we’ve brought you some free and paid VPN apps that provide secure and at the same time fast connection speeds.



What is VPN? (What is VPN BANGLA)

For those who already know what a VPN is and how it works, you may want to scroll down to the list of the top 10 VPN apps. It won’t work for you. And keep reading the rest.

VPN VPN is basically a short form, which means Virtual Private Network. It is a security tool that enhances your security in the cyber world as well as ensures your access to blocked sites. alert-success

Simply put, VPN is an essential security tool for a web surfer. The use of VPN is available from streaming site blocking to torrenting. However, the rules of its use do not end here.

There are many different cases of VPN use. Each of us needs a VPN for some work. However, not all VPN services have launched their Android app on Google Play. Most VPN services have apps in the Play Store.

VPNs come with different price tags. Some are free, some are paid. But to ensure maximum security, everyone should spend some money to buy a good VPN service. However, there are some free VPNs that you can use premium vpn


Why use VPN?

I have already said what the use case of VPN can be. But this time I will talk in a little detail. I will remove all the confusion in your mind. InshaAllah.

First, your security. Do you want your private data to be exposed to an unknown online source? You certainly don’t want that. Isn’t it? VPN promises to keep your data secure.

Let me explain with real examples – Suppose you are using public Wi-Fi somewhere. Now everyone knows how secure public Wi-Fi is. The only way to ensure that whatever you do in this case is done by a hacker without any harm is to use a good VPN. alert-success

Suppose again that we are still limiting some features or shows of many social sites starting from many popular streaming sites in Bangladesh. In this case, if you want to access all those shows or features, you have to resort to a VPN.

Then you can access Geo Restricted content on Netflix or Prime Video easily if you want using a good VPN.

However, many people use VPN unethically or misuse VPN, but it is completely illegal to do so and our blog does not promote this work in any way. Moreover, I warn those who do or think that you may have problems later.



Do you know how VPN works?

Everyone can now guess how much security VPN provides us. But have you ever wondered how this VPN works? Here I will easily explain its activity to you.

One thing to understand is how you connect to the internet. You browse the net monthly with a certain amount of bandwidth from an internet service provider or ISP.

In this case, when you want to enter a site, you have to send a request to the server, then the server loads your proposed site. In this case, the ISP can monitor everything you want to go to any site.

All the sites we use, such as: Facebook, Twitter, etc., each have a specific and different IP address (IP Address).

And their domains are just a pseudonym for its ISP. In fact, no matter what type of domain we type, browsers change the IP address and we can access the site.

That way each of your devices has a specific IP address. These IP addresses are very difficult to remember because we use domains because it is very easy to remember.

When you do not use a VPN, the ISP knows about your browsing history and the site you want to visit. Many times these ISPs collect your data and sell it on advertising sites. As a result, you are also shown ads on topics that you are interested in. alert-success

Some sites also say that we use cookies. And basically Google shows you the ads that you are interested in on these sites.

When using VPN, your ISP may not know about your proposed site. Because you first connect to a VPN server somewhere else and from there go to the site you want.

When you send data using VPN, it is encrypted through a tunnel. This makes your data less likely to be hacked. You can also access geo-restricted content. alert-success


Because there may be a content restriction in your country but it is not under the restriction in any other country. For example, most of Netflix’s popular shows are made in the United States and the rest of the world has only a certain amount of content. But they can be easily streamed with VPN.


How to choose the best VPN app?

Android There are many VPNs around the world who have good Android support. Which VPNT you will use at the end of the day will depend on your personal preference. You can use our favorite VPN SurfShark app.

How to choose a good VPN:

Your VPN service should 

have a user friendly Android app.

Choose a VPN that will work on multiple devices.

Make sure your VPN service has strong security.

Lastly, use VPNs that clearly state their terms and conditions and privacy policy.

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