follow these 20 essential tips

follow these 20 essential tips

follow these 20 essential tips

follow these 20 essential tips

In order to have a happy married life, your spouse needs to be humane as well as keep a close eye on some important things. Everyone wants to be happy in married life. But in addition to this desire, both husband and wife need to show respect for each other in order to have a happy and successful life. Otherwise, marital life will not be happy. There will be unrest.

Here are some tips on what to do for a happy, long and successful married life:

1) Let each other know that you love each other.

2) Don’t get angry with two people at the same time.

3) If you have to criticize, say it with love.

4) Do not bring up old mistakes.

5) Do not go to sleep leaving any argument alive, solve it beforehand.

6) Instead of ignoring each other, ignore the whole world first.

6) Pray together at least once a day.

6) Remember, behind all successful husbands or wives there is a hardworking life partner who forgets everything and works continuously, to keep the other person active and fresh.

9) Remember, two people are needed to fight.

10) When you make a mistake, admit it.

11) Praise your spouse at least once a day, or speak to him in a loving and kind voice.

12) After your spouse goes to bed, you should not delay more than 10 minutes to go to bed.

  1. When your spouse says something, listen carefully.

14) Remember, your spouse is more valuable than a cricket or football match, movie, serial, youtube video.

15) Notice when your partner wears a new dress, or combs his hair differently.

16) Try to remember your wedding anniversary and other important days. Not to celebrate, just to remember. Of course the anniversary celebration is not valid. So, don’t give the form a celebration. Keep it completely related to your partner’s emotions.

  1. If your partner gives a gift or does something on your behalf, thank him on your behalf.

16) He who wakes up late, makes the bed.

19) If your spouse looks tired, notice it and do something for him.

  1. Never hurt or hurt your spouse, and never insult him or her in public.



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