Find out how to get rid of mosquitoes

Find out how to get rid of mosquitoes

Find out how to get rid of mosquitoes

Find out how to get rid of mosquitoes

It is difficult to find people who have not suffered from mosquito infestation. It is difficult to find a place without mosquitoes. Among the various mosquito-borne diseases, dengue and malaria are notable.

So let’s find out how to get rid of mosquitoes –

1) Garlic: Mosquitoes cannot tolerate the smell of garlic. So boil a few cloves of garlic in water. Cool the boiling water and fill it in a bottle. Spread in the corners of the house, behind the curtains, on the roof, on the verandah. You can even apply it on the skin if needed. This will keep mosquitoes away.

2) Wash: Burn camphor in a pot and leave it at home. But at that time the windows and doors of the house should be kept closed. After 15 minutes, open the windows and doors. You will see that mosquitoes will also come out with smoke.

3) Neem leaves: Dry the neem leaves in the sun. Then burn the dried neem leaves in the incense burner. Leave the chimney in the room and close the window and door. After a while, open the door and window. You will see the mosquitoes disappear.

4) Mint leaf water: Boil mint leaves in water in a bowl. Spread the wash well in the room. Sprinkle water in the corner of the room. You will see that the mosquito is gone.

5) Tulsi tree: If you keep Tulsi tree in the tub in the house, mosquitoes do not come.

6) Add some salt to the water to wipe the salt house. Mosquitoes and flies will not come to the house.


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