Make money from a trusted app clipclaps

Make money from a trusted app clipclaps

Hello friends, today I will introduce you to a new app. Here you can earn money only by watching videos and playing games. Let’s find out about today’s apps.

The name of this app is ClipClaps – Cash for Laughs. You can earn dollars by doing a little work here.

First, after installing the app, you need to sign in here with your Facebook or Google ID. If you look at the bottom, you will see that there is an option to login with the phone number. There will be some reward boxes in the middle of the video that you can earn in exchange for watching the video. If you watch a certain amount of videos every day, you will get these prizes from here.


ClickClap Token – You can take dollars by redeeming or exchanging them. Earn one dollar per lakh. You will get a minimum of 1500 coins and a maximum of 5 lakh coins per scratch card.

Gift Fees – These fees will be in the gaming option aquarium. Feed them and sell them in large quantities. The higher the level, the higher the price of this fee. The price of each fee varies from ৮ 8-10 depending on the shape.

Dollars – Rubbing some scratch cards will get you from 2 cents to 10 dollars. However, you will get up to 2 cents, 50 cents, 60 cents, 10 cents, 1 dollar, 2 dollars, 3 dollars, 5 dollars, 10 dollars.

However, it is better not to charge 10 cents because it is canceled directly because PayPal charges at least 70 cents. So don’t get out of here until you have at least  10.

It takes one to seven days to get payment here. Withdrawal of ১০ 10 can be delayed from 5 hours to a few days. Here you can make a maximum of  50 at a time. However, the higher your amount, the later it becomes. I withdrew  50 and  40 from here, which I received in 7 days, but if I withdraw more than ১০ 10, the first one will come quickly but the next one is a few days late.

If you want to join here, you will get a ১ 1 bonus if you join through referrals. Which you can get using Redeem Code. If you use the code below you will get one dollar bonus and I will get some reward box.

Getting out the referral code is a bit of a hassle so check out the first video above.This app came on the market on February 2020 and so far everyone is getting paid.If you see that you have not received payment after 7 days, contact them from the settings and let them know.

used reffer code:   7163946924

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