brave browser is number 1 browser

brave browser number 1 browser

brave browser:

The Basic Attention Token has, to some extent, been known by numerous ICOs over the past two years, but deserves additional extensions. The first reason is mainly the BAT team. The creators of Javascript, just like the co-founders of Mozilla-Firefox, have tons of bugs.

BAT aims to cause a radical change or improvement within the digital advertising industry.

And the BAT token is going to be the medium of transaction.

But promising ICOs are talking but we’ve seen quite a few of them before.

And that is, the bat is already a viable product within the market.

Brave Browser!

In the presence of all the nice browsers like Firefox, Chrome, etc., if another browser is not good enough, fast, user-friendly, and easy to use, then it is difficult to survive. Is there anything in the Brave browser that people will use to do this? Well, I’ve been using Brave myself for the past four to five days for comparative analysis, and in my experience of experience, I can say that Brave is not far behind compared to Firefox or Chrome. Rather, it has some unique features Quite startling –

Brave is a privacy-focused browser that automatically blocks all mal-virtualization, trackers, etc. and simultaneously measures user attribution!

Brakes make browsing faster by blocking trackers, malware, ads, etc. Brave will even give you a statistic showing you how much time he is saving you with some add or tracker blocks!

In your Attention Map, Brave saves that data on a blockchain-based ledger and rewards that content owner based on how much attention it receives. Reward means that bat token!

Depending on the content or ad you are viewing, or an ad that is catching your attention, it will give you a reward!

What is the benefit of using breve?

The stakeholder here is three sides. Let’s see what the benefits of using the Brave browser are –

2. If you are a content publisher:

Let’s say you have a website. Or you own a YouTube channel. Now you can open an account in your Brave browser and add your own website, blog or YouTube channel. Then as soon as the user visits your channel or site through the Brave browser, you will receive a very dense discontent in that proportion as a reward for the token.

2. If you are an advertiser:

If you brew your company’s advertising, you gain two sides. Brave is a transparent, blockchain-based ad market. So when you advertise your company or product here, it will definitely reach your target customer base. There will be more affirmations and you will also be less likely to spend less on mediocre racing.

2. If you are a general user:

As a general user, you will have complete freedom to not see ads. Or you may want to see only a limited amount of ads and only ads that are relevant to you. Brave will give you a small reward in exchange for watching it. You can cache it once if you want.

How to get started?

If you are a general user, this is just the first step. If you are a content publisher you can go to the end –

Step – 1. By downloading it, at one point, you may be able to earn some bat tokens from Crypto-Bangla.

Step – 2. If you are a publisher ie you own a site or youtube channel and add/verify your site.

Step – 1. Upon opening an account as a publisher you will find a link to the uphold wallet on the dashboard. Open a wallet there to collect the money later.

At what stage is Brave?

According to statistics of April 12, Brave’s Active Monthly user has exceeded 2 million! The number is constantly increasing. According to Google search trends, the number of people searching in the United States for Brave in the USA is about 3,000. There is currently a $ 3 million referral rewards phase in the brew-bait ecosystem. On April 7, a partnership agreement was signed between the Braves and the Dow Jones Media Group to test the use of blockchain in digital publishing and create premium content for new users. This is undoubtedly big news that has seen the impact of bat tokens on the market.

If you are a content publisher, ie a web site, blog, or youtube channel owner, register now at Brave. In addition to earning your channel or blog, Brave will give you an extra income opportunity.

And even if you don’t have a channel or blog, you can still use the Brave browser. I can say that the experience will not be bad. Again you can earn some BAT by watching a limited number of ads or reading a blog or watching YouTube. But life doesn’t really work out of it – keep this in mind. What else can you take as a fan? One thing you may know is that when something is available for free on the internet you have to understand the product itself. As soon as the product is done, sell yourself where you have some profits!

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