benifits of honey

benifits of honey

benifits of honey

benifits of honey

DMP News: Honey is a sweet substance that bees usually collect from pollen pollen or live plant extracts and convert it into honey and preserve the bee by adding some more specific ingredients. It is an herbal liquid with high medicinal properties.


Let’s find out now!

Cough: A mixture of equal amount of ginger and honey acts as a cough suppressant. It provides quick relief from cold, cough, sore throat, runny nose etc.

Asthma: Mix half a gram of powdered black pepper with equal amount of honey and ginger. Eat this mixture at least three times a day. It helps prevent asthma.

Blood pressure: Mix one teaspoon of garlic juice with two teaspoons of honey and eat this mixture twice in the morning and evening. Regular use reduces high blood pressure.

To keep the heart healthy: A mixture of one teaspoon of fennel powder with one or two teaspoons of honey acts as a heart tonic. It strengthens the heart muscle and increases its efficiency.

Cleanses the blood and reduces fat: Mix one or two teaspoons of honey and one teaspoon of lemon juice with a glass of hot water. Eat this mixture every day before emptying the stomach. It helps to cleanse the blood. As well as helping to clean the stomach and reduce fat.

Sight: Mixing honey with carrot juice improves eyesight. Therefore, honey should be eaten one hour before meal every morning.

Gum Infections: Gum pain can be relieved by using honey-mixed water or ‘mouthwash’ to rinse the face.

Honey in beauty: Not only the body, honey also has a big role in beauty. Honey is used in many ways to protect the skin from the side effects of chemical cosmetics. Honey brightens, softens and smoothes the skin. Honey is usually used as a ‘face mask’ in beauty treatments

Honey for skin problems: Mixing honey with olive oil for skin allergies can cure skin problems. But in that case honey must be pure.

Honey on wounds or burns: There is no pair of honey to destroy the germs of many diseases. Moreover, applying pure honey on the place of burns or wounds has many benefits.

Relief from Constipation: Honey contains sufficient amount of copper, meaning copper, iron and vitamin B complex, which has a special role in relieving constipation.


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