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Order now  and visit AliExpress products from Bangladesh through bKash and bank payments
By AliExpress Shoppers Bangladesh
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You may be looking at the promotion of various products of Ali Express as soon as you scroll Facebook. With 10 million products and 1 million trusted suppliers, Ali Express is now one of the world’s leading e-commerce sites. Day by day Ali Express is winning the hearts of buyers all over the world with its service.


One of the reasons for the popularity of Ali Express is as follows:
 The goods come through the post office so the shipping cost is low and even free in many cases
 Price is lower than other foreign sites.
 Only suppliers can upload their products by fulfilling the criteria of Ali Express.
100% match the description given by the supplier, otherwise the money will be refunded.
60 days Perseus Protection (Refund in case of non-receipt of product)
Service to the whole world
েরাBest customer service.

Why take 6 through us

If you want to buy products from foreign sites, you have to pay in dollar currency. You need to have a credit card and passport for that.  Besides, there is the problem of customs and post office.
You can buy goods from Ali Express through bkash, rocket and bank payment through us without any hassle of customs and post office.

* How to order? ****
*** First you have to enter and post the link of the product you want to purchase in the group. 
• If you have more ancillary information including the color, size, quantity of your product.
We will let you know the price of your product through comments.
Group Link – AliExpress Shoppers Bangladesh
Page Link – AliExpress Shoppers Bangladesh

**** How to confirm order ****

To confirm the order you must pay 100% in advance via bKash, Eastern Bank, DBBL Bank, or DBBL (Rocket). 2% in case of bKash and 1.75% in case of payment in DBBL (Rocket).

**** How is the delivery charge? ****

 Courier charge within Dhaka is Rs. 80 and in case of whole Bangladesh except Dhaka the courier charge may be Rs.
*** Courier charge has to be paid to the customer.

Special Note: You can receive products for free from our designated pickup point “Airport Railway Station, Dhaka”.


**** Tax: ****

• There is usually no tax on light and low priced products.
• But in some cases heavy or expensive products (mobiles, computer accessories, tabs, smartwatches, cameras, etc.) may be subject to government-imposed tariffs / taxes that you have to pay.
# In this case, if the product is taxed, you will be given a tax receipt with the product.

**** Product Delivery Duration: ****

 Regular serviceঃ

It may take 25 to 40 days for the product to arrive. If for any reason the product is missing and 60 days have elapsed then 100% moneyback is given to you.

Express serviceঃ

Relatively heavy goods are usually subject to customs tax. Many times it goes beyond the price of the product which is beyond our control. Your customs tax on express service is determined as kg. Moreover, the product of express service arrives within 15 to 20 days. If for any reason 25 days have elapsed then 100% of your advance money is refunded.
· Express service charge 60 rupees per 100 grams
· Mobile / drone / security products are not included.
 The price of each product of express service should be above ১০ 10.

**** Refund Policy: ****

# If the product does not arrive within 60 working days of ordering, you will receive a full refund. But in this case you have to wait an additional 8 – 10 days. Because the seller is sometimes a little late to refund.

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